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With the increased focus on sustainability and public health protection, Moore Facility Services, LLC  has adopted a more holistic approach to cleaning. Moore Facility Services, LLC believes cleaning impacts a wide array of business functions and the relatively small incremental investments in cleaning produce outsized gains for the organization. We strive to become an extension of our client’s staff as we partner to develop a customized cleaning program that maintains their facilities at the highest standards of cleanliness. Below is a complete list of our services. If you don’t see a service that you need, please contact us.



Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Program

Organizations are making the decision to take an eco-friendly approach to their facility cleaning. The objective of our green cleaning initiative is to reduce levels of chemical, biological, and particulate contaminants that can compromise air quality, human health, building finishes, building systems, and the environment. Moore Facility Services, LLC embraces environmental friendliness and we are focused on cleaning programs to meet those requirements. Our program is driven by eco-friendly non-touch equipment, safer supplies, and germ-free processes.

  • Empty all sanitary disposal containers, disinfect and replace liners as needed.
  • Empty and clean all exterior trash receptacles are remove to designated area.
  • Wipe and disinfect all door handles to minimize the spread of germs.
  • Wash all entrance door glass and clean frames and ledges.
  • Damp wipe all table tops, counter top, and cabinet faces in all stations.
  • Clean all drinking fountains and polish as needed.
  • Spot clean interior partition glass, wipe clean all brass and other bright work.
  • Dust desktops, file cabinets, counters, sills, ledges, blinds, and surfaces.
  • Dust all light fixtures, vents, and
  • Clean smudges from doors, doorframes, partitions, and light switch covers.
  • Vacuum offices, rooms, hallways, general areas, edges and clean baseboards.
  • Dust mop all hard floor surfaces and traffic areas.
  • Vacuum all entrance mats and runners.
  • Detail all light fixtures, ceiling diffusers, vents, and equipment.
  • Clean all interior and exterior windows as needed.
  • Fill bathroom dispensers, clean countertops, polish mirrors and bright work.
  • Clean and disinfect all toilet fixtures, urinals inside and outside, and floors.
  • Spot clean bathroom partition and walls to remove drips, marks or spillage.
  • Turn off all lights after completion of daily duties.


Stripping & Finishing Program

Moore Facility Services, LLC procedures for floor care in a healthy high performance cleaning program are similar in most instances to those of a traditional program. Beyond the traditional issues, Moore Facility Services, LLC floor care addresses the selection of the procedures themselves. The life cycle assessment of the selected finish is factored in the durability and the frequency of stripping and recoating. Our primary effort is a pollution prevention strategy, or one that minimizes the need to strip and recoat a floor.

  • Wet floor signs and caution blockades must be placed around areas to Strip.
  • Strip and finish floors when necessary with state of the art equipment.
  • Restore and refinish the hard surface flooring whenever necessary.
  • Spray-buff all resilient floors when necessary and re-coat as needed.
  • Burnish floor with 1500 rpm machines, make a single pass in a straight line.
  • Dust mop with micro-fiber flat mop after areas has been buffed or burnished.
  • Dust mopping is extremely essential to Moore Facility Services, LLC floor care program.
  • Scrub all hard floors through the facility including bathrooms as needed.
  • Performs pre-spray and extraction of dirt and residue from carpets.
  • Spot clean carpet stains in high traffic areas, clean and shampoo as needed.
  • We extract and rinse carpets on first pass and dry on second pass.
  • Periodically wash and shampoo entrance mats and area rugs as needed.
  • Very important to remove wet floor signs when done to ensure adherence.
  • Thoroughly clean all equipment and return to proper locations when done.


Cleaning Management Program

Just imagine where we would be today without the means to remove harmful and unwanted contaminants from our buildings. Contaminants like bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi can adversely affect human health. Common dirt, dust and soils can be contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals. Moore Facility Services, LLC healthy high performance cleaning takes traditional cleaning beyond appearance with procedures designed to make your building the safest, healthiest and cleanest it has ever been. The first step is to help clients understand that cleaning plays a huge role in the health and safety of a building’s occupants. Cleaning also directly affects the asset value of a building. The next step is putting our program into place.

  • Communicate ISSA and CMI thought leadership concepts to clients regarding cleaning industry technological advances and changes.
  • Collaborate with management to position adequate matting at entranceways to prevent soil from entering the buildings.
  • Clean and rotate mats frequently as each pound of soil damages the floor’s finish and the carpets life span.
  • Partner with clients to minimize soils from floor surface which helps the bottom line as they are costly to remove.
  • Install chemical dilution systems to ensure adequate use of solutions.
  • Manage janitorial storage areas and keep them clean, neat, and orderly.
  • Train client staff on solutions usage in case of emergencies outside of MCS schedule when applicable.
  • Work with clients to calculate and justify cleaning costs ROI and the organizational benefits for budgetary planning.
  • Report all mechanical deficiencies, dripping faucets, leaking toilets, clogged drains, lights out, etc. to the maintenance department.


Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning:

Our Dry Extraction Cleaner is a soft, natural product that is environmentally responsible and works in much the same way as an ordinary kitchen sponge. Just like you would use a sponge to wipe up a spill, or to wash and absorb dirt from a counter or wall, our process is used to wash and absorb dirt from your carpet fibers. As with using a kitchen sponge, you want to limit the amount of water you use while cleaning. Think of the carpet pile as a vertical surface, like a wall. If you use too much liquid, it will run down the yarn toward the carpet backing, just as too much liquid runs down a wall. If you allow this dissolved dirt to run down the backing, it can be more difficult to remove and can wick back.

Our Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning process employs a heavy-duty hot water extraction system and ours is a portable mobile unit. After a thorough vacuuming, a cleaning agent is applied and then agitated into the carpet with a soft brush. After about 15 minutes, the carpet is rinsed with a high-pressure jet of clean, hot water, which is immediately pulled back into the reservoir with the dirt, grease, and oils released from the carpet. A steam-cleaned carpet will typically dry within 12 to 24 hours.
We employ both processes based on the condition of the carpet and the maintenance program the client desires. We can also execute both processes to achieved the desired result. We also use spotters and targeted processes based on the carpet’s condition.

  • No lengthy waiting for the carpet to dry/walk on or use your carpet immediately.
  • No chemicals to mix that are harmful to your children and pets.
  • No filling and dumping of heavy, messy water tanks.
  • Clean the whole carpet, and not just where it's dirty.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Saves water.
  • Saves energy.
  • 100% plant-based.
  • Safer for children and pets.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Flooring is a significant investment. It is the foundational decorative design of the interior of facilities and homes. Flooring has to be maintained and cleaned regularly to keep up its appearance and enhance its life span. You may do your best to keep up with the maintenance of your flooring, but despite all your efforts, you’ve noticed it just doesn’t look the way it used to. Over time, hard surface flooring like ceramic tile and natural stone can become embedded with dirt, grease and grime that regular cleaners and mops just can no longer remove, especially those hard to clean grout lines. This is where our services can help. With our restorative cleaning process, we can bring back the appearance of your flooring to the way it used to be.

  • Our process starts by vacuuming the floor to remove any loose debris.
  • We then mask off any areas around the flooring that may need to be protected during the cleaning.
  • We apply an oxidizing and degreasing cleaner that works deep down to dislodge the dirty soil from the floor.
  • We pay attention to grout lines by scrubbing the grout with a specialized brush made for that purpose.
  • Once this has been done, we use a floor machine to thoroughly scrub the rest of the tile or stone.
  • We wash and dry the floor.